Clark, South Dakota

Mayor and Elected Officials

Elected Officials

John Pollock was elected Mayor in 2017. Mayor Pollock handles the day to day operations and oversees city council meetings. 

Councilwoman, Belinda Hanson, has served Ward I since 2012 . Her council duties include the American Disabilities Acts, Water and Sewer. Her term expires 2020.

Councilman Brian Cook was appointed to serve Ward III until the next election in 2018. His duties include City Parks, Recreation, softball and baseball complexes.  

Councilwoman Kerry Kline  has served Ward II since 2011. Kerry's council duties include zoning officer, pool, streets, alleys and sidewalks.  Kerry also sits on the Golf Board. Her term expires 2020.

Councilwoman Louann Streff has served Ward II since 2005. Her council duties include med van and government buildings.  Her term expires in 2018.

Councilman Andrew Zemlicka has served Ward III  since  2015. His council duties include finance office,  fire department and emergency management. His term expires in 2018.

Councilman Dennis Larson has served Ward III since  2017. His council duties include rubble site and liquor. His term expires in 2020.

The council enforces and approves the city ordinances. See Minutes and the Municipal Code Book for current council actions. 

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